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Projecting the right image to create an everlasting good impression has a lot to…

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Your clothes will say “Thank you” if you do this!

Projecting the right image to create an everlasting good impression has a lot to do with the clothes that you wear. It is always an economical idea to take good care of your clothes and increasing their wear life! So, here I am sharing with you some tiny yet useful tips:

A) Organize your wardrobe: segregate clothes and hang them in a pattern like: suits together; jackets together; dresses together; shirts together; trousers together. If possible try to hang shirts, jackets, tops above skirts and trousers

B) Let your clothes breathe: empty pockets. Do not put them in a closed space, instead let air pass through them overnight. Brush them periodically, remove spots or stains, repairs mend and replace missing buttons. Preferably do not wear suits twice in a row

C) Hang or fold clothes: hang Jackets, clothes, heavy or delicate dresses, shirts, tops and knitted clothes on shaped wooden or plastic padded hangers. Woven shirts and dresses on well-shaped, sturdy wire hangers. Hang skirts on clamp or clip hangers; trousers on roll bar or clamp hangers. All this needs to be done to prevent your cloth from losing its original shape.

D) The belt: preferably hang or roll it while keeping it in the wardrobe

E) Shoes speak louder than words! clean and polish your shoes regularly. Also consider replacing soles or heels when needed


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