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What are my fears? What am I scared of? What am I afraid of?…

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What are my fears? What am I scared of? What am I afraid of? Ask these questions to yourself! What has been keeping you from achieving your dream? Take an inventory of these fears. You are now a step closer to beat the ever-haunting fears you have accumulated over years!

Well, there is an irony to this. What if I say, having fears is beneficial. The reason being, when addressed or managed constructively they act as a catalyst to achieve greatness and give you a liberating feeling. I am reminded of a story told by my favourite motivational speaker Les Brown.

A family had just moved into a new neighborhood. They had a bulldog that was fond of chasing this one neighbor. Every evening when he came home from work, the dog would chase him all the way to his house. This went on for a long time until one day he decided he’d had enough. On this particular day, as he was approaching the usual “chase-corner”, he picked up a stone and decided that if the bulldog run after him, he would scare it with the stone. 

As always, the dog came rushing after him but instead of running away, he decided to face it and hurl the stone at him. Before he could throw the stone at him, he discovered that the dog was toothless! All this time the dog who had been chasing him didn’t have teeth, which means he wasn’t capable of biting even if he had ever caught up with him. This man had been running through the neighbourhood all this time, never once even stopping to enjoy the sights and sounds of his environment for fear of being bitten by what turned out to be a toothless dog.

This is what majorly happens to us we live our lives with our fears! The toothless fears. We easily opt to ignore them and allow them to grow inside us with each passing day, thus hampering our growth. Let me put it this way, it is nearly impossible to have a fear free life. However, one must know the right way to embrace and handle those fears. Do not allow your fears to paralyze your thoughts and actions.

Here are top 3 ways to deal with your fears:

A) Don’t confront them!

Yes, embrace them, make pals with them. Understand the core subject which is creating that fear and work towards overcoming that. You will have many fears cropping as you go on the journey of life. Learn to go to the root cause again, again and again!

B) Place your purpose above fears!

My friend, once you realize that you are on the planet earth for a specific purpose which only you can fulfil, there is no force which can stop you from accomplishing it, let alone fear! Always and always have the purpose of your life in front of your eyes

C) Stop feeding your fears!

Have an open frame of mind. Stop focussing on things which trigger that piece of fear already inside you. For instance, if you are afraid of flying in an aircraft then don’t watch any video, news or read any article which talks about aircraft crash or aircraft sink. It will without doing any good just add on to your pile of fear!

Choose to focus on your dreams and your aspirations which hold so much value in your life that they will push aside all the fears and you will lead a fulfilled life!

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