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We always aspire to give 100% input to be the best. Therefore, when it…

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Give Yourself 4/4

We always aspire to give 100% input to be the best. Therefore, when it comes to rating oneself in any field, we would like to give ourselves highest one!  We are intelligent human beings and also realise that It is of utmost importance to have all the tools ready to convey the exact message which you would want others to receive as your input. This very statement is easily relatable with the messages which we convey on a daily basis via telephone, SMS, email, newsletter, magazine etc.

How would you react if I say that your clothing also sends across messages and much louder than your words! Yes, it is very much true and scientifically proven that clothing affects the way you feel about yourself and the way others respond to you.

What is 4/4?

There is a measurement standard for dressing in you professional or personal lives. To be successful in all walks of your life, be in harmony with your clothes. The 4 A’s are:

1. Authentic

“Looking like yourself, no fake appearance, the way you want to be seen by others.”

Your clothing should be:

  • True to yourself
  • Consistent with your values and attitudes
  • Consistent with your personality traits
  • Consistent with your intentions and goals
  • Comfortable for the body and the psyche
  • Showcasing your Image from the inside out

2. Appropriate

“Looking like you belong to the occasion and situation, like you very much conscious of what you’re doing and nothing about your appearance is distracting.”

Your clothing should be:

  • For the industry, field of work, organization, or occasion
  • For the geographical location or region
  • For the time of day and year
  • For the job level or position, role and goal
  • For the person, the people, or the group you will be with
  • For the desired impression, visual message, or statement
  • Orderly, organized, uncluttered

3. Attractive

“Looking at you is a pleasant experience, creates a wonderful memory nothing and about your appearance is disturbing.”

Your clothing should be:

  • Clean and unrumpled, not sloppy
  • In quality condition, good repair
  • In balance or counterbalanced
  • In proportion and scale
  • Fit and flatter the figure/body, enough ease
  • One dominant focal point, attention to the face
  • Harmonious, coordinated, all elements appear to belong together

4. Affordable

Looking like you’re not in pain with the expense you maid on the clothing, you’re in charge and actually having fun with fashion, whatever your budget.”

Your clothing should be:

  • Think of your clothing as a resource
  • Cost in time, money and effort is reasonable, economical
  • Readily available
  • Investment is within the budget
  • High-quality is long-lasting, permits longer wear-life
  • Care required is relatively easy
  • Allows flexibility, versatility

In a nutshell when you give some thought and effort to dressing in a variety of ways for a variety of moods and occasions, you become more creative, individual, confident, and competent. Simultaneously positive interaction and productivity increase.  You are more likely to become self-actualized and to accomplish your goals

So, let us work on these 4 starting today, every day!
Because If you want to be successful, you’ve got to look successful in all your roles!

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