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We all carry and develop certain skills, knowledge and intent in our lifespan. However,…

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Do not waste those first 7 seconds!

We all carry and develop certain skills, knowledge and intent in our lifespan. However, the people we meet evaluate us on the basis of what meets their eyes first. Yes, even before you get a chance to speak you have already been evaluated on a variety of parameters like: Education level, economic level, honesty, credibility, social background and many other crucial aspects in the first seven seconds of your meeting. This essentially means judging the book by its cover which is a brief synopsis of the story that is ’YOU’

It is hard to believe but true that the only time you have to make that powerful impression is the time b/w saying hello, offering a handshake and saying opening comments. By now it is formed! That’s enough for anyone to decide whether he/she wants to know more about you or reject you right there! Not only are First Impressions quick to form they last forever!

Unfortunately, your image is not what you think it is. Your image is what people think about you behind your back.

Now the question is how do you control and project a winning image in those 7 seconds? Here are some tips for you to apply in your daily life and be on the top of your game!

1.Bring your inside out: You are unique. Rely on your personal style while choosing clothes as it enhances strengths, downplays weaknesses and makes optimum use of resources.

2. Blend in yet stand out (for right reasons): Make a conscious effort to project the right image as per your roles, goals and occasion. It opens doors, gives you the access to decision makers, greater success and you lead satisfied personal, professional and social lives.

3.Be fearless: Why is it that so few people know how to dress well?  Why doesn’t everyone look terrific?  Excuses.  Endless excuses are given to justify or unload responsibility for a poor appearance.  To begin, overcome the fear and you must learn more about yourself, and the art of dress and image

4. Think of yourself as an artist: You may not be a professional fashion designer, creating original pieces of clothing, but you are involved in the process of design as you select and coordinate outfits. Like any other task, you can learn the skills necessary to use the elements of design in ways attractive and appropriate to meet your needs.  Once learned and practiced, you will feel more confident about what you choose to wear, which gives you the freedom to be more creative and have fun with fashion and personal style.

Follow the 4 A principle, and you will win at creating the best First Impression.  Your clothing should be Appropriate to roles, goals and occasions, Authentic to reflect your values and personality, Attractive by accommodating your body shape, face shape and personal colors and Affordable to maintain life long

The first impression is only the beginning. It needs to evolve into a lasting positive impression.

What are you doing to leave  a powerful lasting impression?

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