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I am here in this world with a pile of thoughts and that pile…

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UN lock UN plug UN screw UN pack UN zip

I am here in this world with a pile of thoughts and that pile is growing heavier and heavier with each passing day as every interaction with another human being adds a considerable amount to it. My tiny brain (of which I use only 10% throughout my lifetime, at least research says that) is struggling to show me ideas whenever I try to access it. I blame it very childishly and then realize that I only gave the green card to every piece of garbage which is settled in my precious brain’s castle over years & years.

One fine day I thought of cleaning it up as I expected some valuable guests to visit it. These guests were my well-wishers and had decided to give me some tips to realize my potential. They all exposed me to powerful words like UN lock    UN plug   UN screw   UN pack   UN zip.  The guests were very clear and strongly communicated their message that if I have to achieve excellence in life I have to stop beating myself (not physically) mentally, emotionally and align my years, days, hours, minutes and seconds to the ultimate goal of my life. Well, point taken, I was perfectly ready to embrace these words UN…UN..UN… and it was again proven that my ability to predict something is really strong as it wasn’t that easy to find the ultimate goal of my life. My brain was again surrounded by a heap of thoughts from those around me. But, I was adamant & decided to strengthen my self-belief system. I ensured that I will rely only on my intelligence and my will power as I trust them completely.

Take this from me, the only person who can motivate you, change you and get the most out of you is in the mirror! Nature is a live example of abundance around us and every time it tries to show us that we need not limit ourselves to any boundaries (mental as well as physical). Let’s have quick things to do list for leading a better life. Well, the previous sentence is a repeated one over ages right? So, let’s not make any list.

Let’s have faith on our instincts, take on challenges head on, push ourselves beyond the comfort zone



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