An Image is not a photograph. It is the picture another person has of us. Everyone projects an Image, consciously or unconsciously. It is the physical representation of who you are which encompasses your ABCD.


The way you look!


Your attitude towards others!


When you speak and how you speak!

Digital Footprints

Your virtual impression!


Uplift Confidence

Boost self-Image, self-confidence and competence to achieve desired success

Success at work

Dress to appear the potential candidate for the next level of responsibility or promotion

Versatility & Economy

Gain versatility and economy in the wardrobe—what to buy, save money on clothing and accessories

Your clothes speak

Learn the language of clothes; the message they project and how you can control it.

Celebrate your personal style

Get customized, unique look suited to your personal style and position


Improve etiquette skills for business and social situations

Enhance relationships

Appear more attractive to get acquainted with more people and strengthen relationships

Showcase your values

Understand how to communicate your values through your appearance

Your body speaks

Improve body language for better communication and interactions


Defined approach

I take you through an pre-defined process, wherein your appearance, lifestyle, personal style, and wardrobe in relation to your roles and goals is evaluated to help you create a positive impression on yourself and on others.


I ensure there is reciprocal action from you during the workshop which is a memorable experience in a way that is fun, interactive, engaging and informative. You will listen, talk, discuss, practice, move, and most important enjoy the session.


I thrive for fresh ideas and include illustrations, photos, videos and interactive exercises in workshops. I am not a fan of canned presentations because you are unique, each industry, each company, each job level, has its own priorities.

Bonafide Recommendations

I do not practice ‘one fit for all’ phenomena, rather believe in creating a genuine plan to accomplish needed changes in you while considering your value system. The goal being consistency or total harmony from inside out.


I unite with a wide range of people with varying profession, age, gender as I operate from the zest to work with anyone and have cultivated the ability to address everyone – from the entry level professional to the CEO.

Your success

I take pride in watching you succeed like never before as you present yourself with style and grace, ease and confidence in even the most stressful situations. Your abundant success is my top priority and will always be.


Well, frankly I had never paid attention to what I am wearing and why? After the sessions, I am now confident about my clothes and know the reason and science behind wearing the outfit for an occasion. Overall it was a delightful experience.